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Grid Power Products manufactures a full line of pole-line hardware for use in the distribution, transmission, substation, OEM, and telecommunications markets. We provide much more than hardware and insulators, we offer:

  • Arresters: Porcelain and Polymer
  • Automatic Deadends & Splices
  • Bolted Connectors
  • Fiberglass Products: Guy Strain Insulators, Cutout/Arrester brackets, & Narrow Profile Arms
  • Formed Wire Products: Guy Grips. Distribution & Service Grips, Armor Rods & Line Guards
  • Deadend and Suspension Clamps
  • Fuse Cutouts: Porcelain & Polymer
  • Hardware: Bolts, Pins, Clevises, Brackets, Washers, Etc.
  • Hot Line Clamps
  • Insulators: Porcelain and Polymer
  • Line and Tower Hardware
  • Transmission Hardware & Dampers

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About GRID Power Products

Grid Power Products is a global supplier of power line materials used in the utility and telecom industry. With sales made in over 50 countries worldwide, our products continue to be approved at some of the largest utilities in the world.

In an industry of many changes, Grid Power Products strives to uphold the service that is necessary for our customers to remain competitive. With over 40 years’ experience in the utility industry, our staff is very capable of handling your many requirements. GPP products are tested at state of the art, independent testing laboratories, meeting the standards set forth by : ANSI, ASTM, IEC, and RUS. Samples from each production run are tested as part of our quality control. Our primary advantage we have over our competition is that we are large enough to supply any volume need, but small enough to supply any custom requirement.

Our goal is simple: To provide top quality products at a competitive price with service that is unmatched in the industry.

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